Hello! My name is Karen Willis.

I call myself an “Experience Maker” specializing in Active Travel for people who like what I call “Simple Luxury”.

I created Bootcamp Bali Style in 2008 and since then I’ve hosted hundreds of retreats on the beautiful property in a small village in Bali that I call home. I live in a restored antique village meeting house built in ‘joglo’ style. It’s one big room, timber, full of character, has an outdoor tropical bathroom and I love it.
It is Simple Luxury.

My best friend in the world is Cantik, my Pomeranian. He’s known as the CEO of Sharing Bali and for such a little guy he takes up a large part of my heart.

I’m a wanna-be writer. I’ve self-published two books. “Every Day Is New Life” is a collection of stories and recipes from our famous Sharing Bali kitchen. The latest book “Take Your Holiday Home” is a journal to help you keep those holiday promises. You know the ones…. the promises to be healthier, calmer, more daring or just simply happier.

My background is in the fashion industry and I still do a little consulting. Contact me if you need some Brand Strategy or Store Design advice.

If there is one mantra I try to live by it’s this….

No matter what happened yesterday, with every new day I wake up alive and well, I have a new chance to start over. It shakes me out of feeling sorry for myself.

I’ve travelled the world both for business and personal reasons. I love to travel solo, it’s my time to rediscover who I am, but most of all I love small group travel. And that’s the reason I created Sharing Bali.

I’m proud to say Sharing Bali broke the rules in the retreat world. At the time, there was only luxury retreats or “go hard or go home” type fitness camps on the market. We created fun, affordable healthy retreats based on simple living in a Bali village. Staff are like family. Coconuts for weights, a bamboo gym, village style food, with simple authentic bungalows set amongst rice fields. We have shared so much with our guests and retreat partners. So many new friendships made, laughs had, and shared aha! moments and occasionally a few tears. Magic moments.

Bootcamp Bali Style expanded to retreats involving Yoga, Pilates, Barre, Writing and Spiritual Discovery along with private groups. We learnt so much over those 10 years of retreats, building our confidence to keep evolving, never losing sight of what we believed in.

I am intuitive by nature.
It’s time to shift away, break the rules once again.
Reimagine. Reinvent.
Discover more villages. Create new experiences.

Say hello to Sharing Bali & Beyond.

I’m inviting you to join my travels to new villages around the world.

It’s all about Active Travel + Simple Luxury.

Here’s my checklist for everything I want it to be for us……

  • Active. Every day. In the outdoors.
  • Healthy without the need to diet or detox. Local food is what we do.
  • We don’t ‘check in’, instead we ‘move in’ and get a taste of local life. (I really don’t like to unpack my bag in a different place every day).
  • Fun. Friendly. Attitude counts, age is irrelevant. Everyone has a story.
  • A little indulgent. Pack the dress or a nice shirt for the guys. I like a wine at the end of the day sometimes.
  • At times, adventurous. Pack the hiking boots. Challenges are good. (nothing scary!)
  • A time to disconnect to reconnect. Switch off the devices for a while.
  • Inspiring. Bring your sense of curiosity and wonder.
  • Different every day. We may stay in one place, but we won’t be getting stuck in a routine.
  • Personal. Small groups allow for the best stories around the dining table.

I’ve taken all the stress and the unknown out of planning a trip of your dreams in another country. I’ve done the research and testing, saving you hours of Google searches. Thanks to local friends I know the best places to hike, cycle, stay, eat, drink and have fun. Your itinerary is unique, and lets you get right into the destination as soon as you arrive.

And just like Sharing Bali, I have only one wish for you…..

That you go home a little more in love with life.

That’s me. Thanks for reading my story. Stay in touch via my newsletter. Even better, I would love to meet you on one of my trips and get to know your story.