I’m sure you noticed that my home page image is out of focus. I know…. it’s a sin in today’s world of perfectly enhanced imagery. Even more of a sin considering I have a background in design.

But I confess…. I love that it is spectacularly imperfect, because the memory is so much more important to me.

It’s a picture of one of my happiest moments not so long ago, scooting through my Bali village with my bestie, my dog and my friends on the way to celebrate the end of a big chapter in my life.

Since then a series of life events, Covid-19 just one of them, unexpectedly tossed me into a state of ‘start again’.

So I feel like I’m in Pause mode (note the capital P). ‘Retired’, not from life, simply from business, my passport and my past is packed away whilst I reimagine the next chapter in my life. I’m in no hurry.

So I have time to write….

COVID-19 ….. my village view is my diary of life in my Bali village during Covid-19. I’m not an expert on Covid-19, Bali culture or the Indonesian politics that relate to Covid-19. Nor do my views represent any other foreigner living in Bali. But I do believe all of our stories count for something as we go through this global pandemic together. Feel free to comment, but please put judgement aside, every village, every neighbourhood, every country has its own way of dealing with the pandemic.

Once travel returns to our lives I will resume My Bali Hitlist updates sharing my favourite local places, people and experiences that reveal the Bali I love. Bali has been busy reimagining itself to fit the post Covid-19 world. Despite the tough times right now, I’m excited about what’s ahead.

I’m looking forward to the day I can invite you to my village hideaway for a cold Bintang and lots of laughs on the terrace, but right now I’m gratefully living one day at a time. Taking care of myself and those in my community is what counts right now.

By the way, I’m no lifestyle guru, but I firmly believe that we can all choose to ‘be in love with life’. And I hang on to this one…. ‘life doesn’t have to be perfect to be wonderful’.

See you on the blog.