Yes! You’ve taken the leap. You’re ready to join the wonderful world of Experience Makers delivering Unforgettable Experiences all around the world. THANK YOU!

The cry for ‘more experiences and less things’ means there’s a hungry crowd out there, just waiting for you.

My Retreat Planning Made Simple course not only takes the planning pain away, it will set you on the path to being an Excellent Experience Maker, taking your retreats to the next level.

I’m handing over 10 years of experience running my own retreats, partnering with leaders to co-create and co-host hundreds of retreats and being a venue owner. I have all angles covered for you.

I’ve called on the many “wished I’d thought of this” situations as well as the inspiring “aha” moments that lifted my spirits and kept me moving forward.

Work at your own pace through the 24 steps. You need time to set a clear path with confidence.

I’m here for you if you via Video Chat if you need some personal coaching. Nothing beats collaboration and sharing of stories, knowledge and ideas.

The outcome of each lesson is CONTENT to repurpose into websites, itineraries, waivers, FAQ pages, scripts for videos, promotional material and more. You finish up with a customised RETREAT TEMPLATE to continually improve and reapply as your Retreats evolve.

This is your fast track to creating Unforgettable Experiences that make financial sense and reflect your beliefs, passions and your true self.

Show Up. Love what you do. Enjoy every step of the way.