You have a true talent for crafting meaningful experiences. We feel so fortunate to have experienced the region like a local. The memories will be forever in our hearts. Lauren and Russ.


I’ve done a lot of travelling and it’s honestly one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. On many fronts. Just awesome!! Be opened minded, go with the flow, relax and enjoy everything Timor-Leste. Felicity.

Testimonial Timor-Leste

Thank you for a sharing caring island getaway. I thoroughly enjoyed the active slow travel (is that an oxymoron?) With a great group of interesting intelligent strong women. Christine.

What they’re saying.

Congratulations for having the courage to go off the beaten track. It was the trip of a lifetime. Friendships were forged for life. The memories will take a very long time to fade. Start of an exciting new chapter for all of us methinks. Jenny.

Sharing Timor-Leste Testimonial.

It was a trip of a life time! Love your attitude and how your infuse this into your trips. I treasure the feeling of accomplishment and yearn for better mobility and agility after sitting too much for work! Tara.

The Chat.

The best type of holidays ever, I’m hooked, 5 trips under my belt with Sharing Bali and Beyond. Number 6 in May and looking to book number 7 soon. Michelle


Karen Willis is amazing. She’s professional, thorough, organised, down-to-earth and generous. And she knows her business. The success of our retreat – and it was wildly successful – was down to Karen and her modules. She talked us through the planning and execution process from beginning to end. She’d read through our content before we spoke so that she was able to offer suggestions and highlight our blind spots. She sent us into every meeting with the venue manager armed with information that saved us money and ensured our retreat ran like clockwork. Karen was the best investment we made – she gave us confidence and cheered us on. She honed our marketing materials and acted as a much-needed sounding board. Don’t plan a retreat without her – she’s invaluable.
Cath Crowley


My first Bootcamp Bali Style in 2008 opened up a New Chapter in my life. We started with a few coconuts, sandbags and a whole lot of hope. I found I had intuitively built a platform that soon expanded to retreats for Yoga, Writing, Cooking, Fusion Fitness, Spiritual Discovery, Fitness Adventures, along with personalised programs upon demand.
It turned into a life full of rich experiences, friends, fun and magic moments that I will forever treasure. I believe in what we do. We send a lot of people home more in love with life.
Retreats bring new people and experiences into your life. Open yourself up to this world. I promise, you will be richly rewarded.

Karen Wilis

I knew what I wanted to do-build a luxury writing and wellness retreat-but I had seemingly endless questions and a sense that there were many unknown unknowns. Then Karen Willis appeared on my computer screen, from Bali to Buninyong, and from that moment everything became calmer!
Karen is whip-smart, hugely knowledgeable, insightful, an excellent thinker and communicator, and amazingly generous in sharing what she knows. The result? A clear head and a clear direction.
Alison Arnold, Word House

Alison Arnold