Take Your Holiday Home


A personal journal that helps you pick just ONE holiday promise at a time and make it happen.

  • 21 promises to help you take the holiday magic home
  • “Playsheets’ to bring each promise to life with space to write actions, timeline, deets on what happened and reflections.
  • Space to scribble, write, sketch, add recipes, pictures… whatever inspires you.
  • Loads of inspiring quotes to keep you kicking along
  • Plus I share my stories as I too learnt how to bring my type of holiday vibe into my life more often.

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“I promise to be healthier, calmer, more daring, freer or just simply happier.”

We all make that that type of promise on holiday. Forget about New Year resolutions, holidays are the time to set the new you up for success. With no pressure and time to daydream, clarity sets in.

So… you arrive home feeling unstoppable. Determined to be the ‘real me’ that emerged on holiday. And then life happens.

That promise you made to yourself whilst relaxing under a palm tree, climbing a mountain or diving into a wave starts slipping away.

So how do we hang on to the holiday buzz without bringing in another app that tracks, pings and pesters us all day?

Make way for the simple beauty of a “Take Your Holiday Home” journal that takes you back to the holiday version of yourself.

I created this journal to help you capture that one thing from your holiday anywhere in the world that you loved, learnt about yourself, or was inspired by, and turn it into a promise to yourself. I hope it becomes the helping hand, the playful friend, the one that you enjoy catch-ups, laughs and maybe a few tears with.

This is for YOU.


Experience Maker @ Sharing Bali.

I’ve heard every promise over years of retreat farewell breakfasts at our dining table in the rice fields in Bali.

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