Loving the idea of adding retreats into your life but get overwhelmed as soon as you start delving into the detail? Maybe you’re looking for a new revenue stream in your business? One that delivers extra $ and makes a difference?

My Retreat Planning Made Simple course not only takes the planning pain away, it sets you on the path to being an Excellent Experience Maker, taking your retreats to the next level. I’m handing over 10 years of experience running my own retreats, partnering with leaders to co-create and co-host hundreds of retreats and being a venue owner. I have all angles covered for you.

I’ve called on the many “wished I’d thought of this” situations as well as the inspiring “aha” moments that lifted my spirits and kept me moving forward.

Work at your own pace through the 24 steps. You need time to set a clear direction with confidence.

The outcome of each lesson is CONTENT to repurpose into websites, itineraries, waivers, FAQ pages, video scripts, promotional material and more. You finish up with a customised RETREAT TEMPLATE to continually improve and reapply as your Retreats evolve.

I’m here to guide you through the unknowns, get you unstuck and celebrate your wins as you create Unforgettable Experiences that deliver the $ you deserve and reflect your beliefs, passions and true self.

Show up. Love what you do. Enjoy every step of the way.   Karen

I’ve simplified the retreat planning process to a series of bite-sized steps.
Say goodbye to overwhelm and freak out.

‘Sometimes the smallest step in the right direction ends up being the biggest step in your life.’

There’s 6 modules…. Here’s what you’ll learn.

Don’t wait any longer to turn your dreams into real plans. Explore the world and add to your income whilst creating lasting connections with clients and partners. This module gets you ready to GO!

  • How to use this course.
  • Tech Talk.
  • Handling Hurdles.
  • Testing.

Get clear on the hard questions…Don’t waste time chasing the wrong crowd. Get the right venue working for you. Learn how to shout out in the right way about your leaders. Know your WHY? and you’ll never be short of motivation.

  • The Secret Revealed
  • Get Vivid.
  • Why? What Difference Will It Make?
  • Who’s Booking?
  • Spotlight On The Leader.
  • Venue Vetting.

Programming is Art + Science. Use my 10 years of experience to fast track to an Unforgettable Experience that makes financial sense. An Energy Planning Checklist takes your group from tired to inspired. Learn how to write amazing copy that sells and gets the buzz happening.

  • Energy Planning.
  • Table Talk.
  • Cultural Considerations.
  • Programming.
  • Name It. Claim It.
  • Itinerary.

Reduce Risk. Reduce Stress. Save time and $. Don’t be scared. Tech tools and templates make this easy. These systems will save you hours of client emails, help convert enquiries to sales, and set you free to do what you do best…

  • Legalities.
  • Enquiry Forms.
  • FAQ.
  • What To Pack.

The largely ‘all inclusive’ nature of a retreat is attractive. So let’s be crystal clear about the deal. Avoid the awkward moments and mistakes that could cost you money.
All packaged up? Repurpose your amazing work into promotional tools. You’re not starting with a blank page! Tips on working with media, bloggers, influencers and a list of retreat network sites included.

  • Money Matters.
  • Promotion.

You’ve done the work. Now’s the time to be an Excellent Experience Maker. Show up!
It’s really about human behaviour once you Go Live! I share my tips on everything from handling arrival day nerves, health issues, dealing with a ‘bad apple’, to capturing promotional material and finishing with an unforgettable wrap session.
Keep the magic and the sales happening with some Post Retreat work.

  • Go Live! Be Excellent.
  • It’s A Wrap.


  • Retreat Planning Made Simple Course

    • 6 modules/24 lessons in logical sequence to step you through the process.
    • 24 worksheets for you to fill in and keep forever.
    • Access to an online learning platform to manage your progress.
    • Lists of recommended resources and tools.
    • My simple spreadsheet to guide you through the costing process.
    • No ongoing membership fees or drip feeding of lessons.


  • One-On-One Video Call (1 hour +recording)

    Nothing beats collaborating if you want to dig a little deeper or bounce ideas around. We share screens and chat using the 24 worksheet topics to guide the conversation via Zoom Video. 2 options:

    • We talk through the worksheets, addressing any predetermined questions. Ideal if you need more guidance before you start. OR
    • Send your draft brochure, website outline or concept so I can review it before our call.


  • Course + Call + Mention Of Your Retreat On My Blog

    • Buy the Course + Call and I’ll give your retreat a shout out on my blog, timed to help your ’expressions of interest’ stage or your launch. We’ll work out what’s best for you.


  • Course + 3 x 90min Coaching Calls + Mention of Your Retreat on My Blog

    • Prefer a little more personal guidance? 3 coaching calls, each up to 90 minutes over a 3 month period plus the course will do the job. And you get a shout out on my blog.

How Does It Work?

  1. Buy your package.
  2. Access the course via your unique link.
  3. Create your login details.
  4. Follow the “How To Use This Course” instructions in Lesson 1.
  5. Go! Make it happen!

Just like your retreats won’t be for everyone (and that’s ok) this course may not be for you (and I’m ok with that).
I want to help you deliver authentic, Unforgettable Experiences that work because you CARE about your clients, partners and team. I believe you need to deep dive into your Why? And What Difference Will It Make? I want you to do the detail to get the ‘behind the scenes’ stuff happening and be rewarded financially. And finally, I want you to ‘Show Up’, be an Excellent Experience Maker, living and loving every moment.

It will work for a half day retreat in your local neighbourhood or a more ambitious transformational escape to an exotic destination. It’s ideal if you are new to the retreat world.

Just to be clear…. This course won’t solve your SEO problems, explain algorithms for FB campaigns or give you specific legal advice. It will give you great content to convert to FB campaigns and guidance on tech tools and sticky legal stuff. You can’t be good at everything. The course will help identify the tasks you need to seek additional help.

You’re not alone! Successful retreats are collaborative efforts. Learn how to build the partnerships that support you every step of the way. I’m here for you right now.

‘Be strong enough to stand alone, smart enough to know when you need help, and brave enough to ask for it.’