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Treat Yo’self


Behind the scenes at Sharing Bali we loved creating treats.
Flowers, fragrant ginger tea, coconut water in a banana leaf, dinner by candlelight, body scrubs, or a delish choc treat when you least expect it.
This is my treat to you…. a book full of recipes, pics, ideas to help you recreate those treats. (Yes, the famous banana pancake recipe is included).

Life’s short. Treat yo’self why don’t you!

Me & My Pom – A Village Life


Who is this Pomeranian Living In Paradise? Meet Cantik, protector, playmate and best friend to Karen, living a life filled with love and adventure in a Bali village. Cantik is uncomplicated, Karen over thinks everything. They have one voice as Cantik’s Chats.

Me & My Pom – Live


Right now Cantik is grabbing life with all four paws and wants you to do the same. Live it your way. Be you. 20 pages of uplifting thoughts and photos will have you living life like someone left the gate open. What are you waiting for? Every moment counts.

Me & My Pom – Workout


Cantik is an Active Pom. He picked up loads of tips from the best trainers over 5+ years of Sharing Bali Retreats. 22 pages of inspiration to help you feel healthy, unstoppable, strong and happy and have fun along the way. Your only limit is you.

Me & My Pom – Love


There’s all kinds of love. This is the Pomeranian view. Cantik asks us to “Let The Love In” as he enchants us with his love advice.  Keep this book close. It’s the reminder we all need about being in love with life.

Me & My Pom – Friends


Being friends with a Pomeranian is uncomplicated. Cantik shares his wisdom on finding a friend and being a friend. He reveals what makes his friendship with Karen a forever one. Enjoy 20 pages of tail wagging thoughts and photos about friendship.

Me & My Pom – Chill


Put the phone down…and slow down.
Cantik shares his secrets to mastering the art of chilling. Enjoy 20 pages of inspiring thoughts and photos that will banish any guilt about doing absolutely nothing. Chill!

Me & My Pom – The Complete Series


Fallen in love with all 6 Me & My Pom books? Buy the series in one hit. You save yourself some dollars and have an excuse to curl up and read the whole lot in one go.


Sambals Are The Secret


A little something to give you a taste of Sharing Bali food.

Sambals add spice and flavour to every Balinese dish. Every region has their own version of these aromatic spice mixtures, passed down through generations. These are our favourites. Enjoy.