Travel is not just about the destination. Its about the people you meet. New friendships may last a lifetime. Some people leave you with a new perspective on life.  Others ignite a sense of curiousity or simply bring out the fun in a group. Jo Sharp, aka Sharp Moves Fitness reflects on the wonderful dynamics that happened whilst running her Sri Lanka Discovery Retreat….. 

Family, friends and perfect strangers!

Imagine a place past the horizon, over the swaying coconut trees.  Where elephants wander freely, ancient ruins & temples majestically stand, and the aroma of spice surrounds you…. you have been  transformed to our  recent Sri Lanka Discovery Retreat.  We saw some amazing sights and experienced some amazing adventures, all these moments, however, are tied to those people we shared them with….

14 of us – family, friends and perfect strangers came together to discover Sri Lanka.

“I had no doubt I would find myself surrounded by likeminded people who had packed their sense of adventure and the group did not disappoint”. (Mandy)

Joining a group can have its challenges, not everyone has the same interest in the same things and not everyone is going to be everyones best friends.  But after organising retreats for over 10 years I truly believe that everyone comes together for a reason and that is why ”retreats” are different from “tours”. When people come together to connect into  experiences as well as themselves and not just tick the tourist boxes  incredible things can happen regardless of their differences.

After a few short hours into our Sri Lankan retreat we all realised we were among likeminded people and the bonds were formed real quick! We already had some “in house” jokes and “what happens on retreat stays on retreat” moments on the first day.

By day two the fun supportive dynamics had spread to the amazing staff who were always amused and often bemused by our antics. At our farewells they announced we were the most fun group ever to stay!  It just shows creating and being in a friendly and supportive group in an amazing place really does break down barriers and build special friendships.

Your retreat buddies are tied to the moments you share with them and they will be with you for a long time.  It is the special retreat bonds which are formed and the friendships which continue to grow as reunions and more adventures are planned that are true moments.

As Winnie the Pooh said “as soon as I saw you, I knew a great adventure was about to happen”.

Retreats really are the best for bringing together people from different walks of life with a common interest. It makes for a fun, enriching experience for so many reasons. Age is irrelevant. Attitude counts. Solo or partnered up? Makes no difference because everyone counts. Just join in. Pack your sense of adventure for the next Sri Lanka Discovery Retreat Read all about it here.

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