It’s too easy to put business first, life second.

‘We’ll travel when we retire’…… ‘We’ll have more time together when we sell the business’….. ‘We need a few more years to build the super fund’.

You’ve built up a successful business, pouring in money, time, heart and soul. But could your business operate without you? Or are you trapped by your own ‘success’, sacrificing travel dreams, along with the promises to spend more time with loved ones? As for the freedom and flexibility to work ON your business rather than IN the business….. where did that go?

Sound familiar?

There is another approach to life. Don’t just plan for retirement; Plan for your life. Right now. Seize every moment.

Carpe Diem Retreats are the “Living It” step of the 7 step Transition to Work From Anywhere Mastermind and Mentoring Program for successful business owners.


Living in a touch of luxury, stepping out for adventures in stunning locations, making connections, collaborating with like-minded business owners from your Mastermind group, all whilst running your business with support from your WFA mentors. You’re “Living It”, reaping the rewards of your commitment to the program. Go home feeling empowered, inspired and confident to spend more time living life outside your business.

When and Where?

2019 The French Alps (sold out)

2020 Queenstown (only 7 places available, applications now open)

2021 The Maldives (operate your business from a luxury boat aptly named ‘Carpe Diem’)

These life changing retreats are included in the Transition to Work From Anywhere Mastermind and Mentoring Program. Airfares, luxury accommodation, adventures, food and wine, workshops and mentoring are all included.

Thinking this is only for people with an online business? Think again.

‘My first WFA client owns a cafe in a small town on the far south coast of NSW. Not in their wildest dreams could they see a way to get out of the business for more than a week or so. With the right systems, tech and mindset in place they’ve taken extended overseas travel with their family. They can check into their business from anywhere, tapping it along as planned, enjoying the best of both worlds.’

Let’s be clear…

This is not about tossing it all in and joining the Digital Nomad crowd creating start-ups from co-working spaces around the world. This is about transitioning your life to give you more freedom to Work From Anywhere to suit your business, your life.

That place could be your own home, The French Alps, or a caravan on the coast. You may want to take a 3 month break to travel, have time to explore different ideas on how you want to live, really live, for the next 30 years, or simply have the flexibility to work from anywhere when it suits you.

The program is designed with busy people in mind. The steps are practical allowing you to implement them and achieve results whilst running your business. This is not another online course adding to your do-list. It’s about taking action in real time.

Andy specialises in transitioning you, your staff and your business to operate the WFA way creating a way of life that allows you to seize every moment of every day.

(Read Andy’s ‘Carpe Diem Attitude To Life’ story on my blog)

Truth is I (Karen) would never have been able to create my Sharing Bali & Beyond way of life without WFA. It’s not just the tools and systems that have set me free, Andy helped shift my mindset, giving me the confidence and the belief in myself to live the life that works for me. I operate out of a small village in Bali, in between travelling the world. The perfect balance.

I’ll be support crew on the upcoming Carpe Diem Retreat in The French Alps. I’m looking forward to sharing the action, the learnings and the Carpe Diem spirit on my blog. Check in here for updates starting July 7.

Change the way you work and live forever. Carpe Diem.