Where to next?

Travelling on after the trip? I put a call out to the Sharing Bali and Beyond Facebook crowd for ideas. There’s nothing better than first hand travellers’ tips. Luxe or budget? Active or not? That’s your choice.

Top spot seems to be PORTUGAL.

Jacq: Olhoa and Ilha Do Farol. As long as you’re not looking for luxury. The islands are stunning but simple and rather basic. Think shacks with dry planted front yards. Portuguese tourists, beaches, fish markets. Great fish cafes and just a few groovy bars.
If you want city and culture do Lisbon.

Jacq’s mates in Portugal also mentioned Comporta, an upcoming hotspot if you’re looking for the “design meets village” hideaway.

I’m keeping an eye on Norwegian Airlines. They have recently launched very cheap flights Singapore to London. They have great destination guides on their site. Check out their scoop on Faro and Lisbon.

Closer by…. The PYRENEES and PROVENCE get the thumbs up for charming French way of life, food and the outdoors. Provence is just a four-hour drive from our village of Le Vert.

Karen (me): I loved the Pyrenees. Made so memorable by staying at a gorgeous hotel in a small street. Converted from original stables it has beautiful gardens and fabulous hosts. Hotel Beau Site in Argeles

Natarla: Sooo much choice. My hearts home is the Pyrenees.

Carol: Not Paris! After the sublime Alps, the noise and bustle will destroy any sense of well-being. Avignon is divine and the perfect jump off point for St Remy de Provence, Arles and Aix en Provence. It’s also a TGV ride to Marseille or Paris.

Simone: Amalfi Coast is too far and difficult to navigate as a short flight / add on. Doing so would add a bit too much stress after a retreat, so I’d recommend travelling in France or close to its borders – eg. Pyrenees or south of France (anywhere from Montpellier to Nice).


Jump on the train at Grenoble and you’ll be in Paris within 3hrs 5mins. So much to see and do, but here’s a couple of active options. Take a Fat Tire Tour or a Go Running Tour Good write up on the Womens Running site. The best thing I did in Paris: A running sightseeing tour.

Looking for somewhere to stay that’s special, kinda stylish, yet local? I love this site for ‘handpicked and special places to stay’.

For the FOODIES:

Nickie: Author of Good Wolf Manifesto blog describes herself as: Kiwi. London Based. Dietitian currently wandering the globe. Wherever I go, it is always all about the food, the culture and the people. Check out Nickie’s cooking class experiences in Lisbon and Barcelona.

Steve: Long term SB guest, dedicated to local fare wherever he goes recommends a trip to Gascony in the south west of France, to cook with Kate Hill at the Kitchen at Camont. A truly French Culinary Retreat.

The ITALY fix.

The drive to Lake Como in the north is just under 5 hours.

Shirley: Cinque Terre – there are great hiking trails along the coast. This is an insiders’ guide to the trails that will save you hours of Googling.

If you have plenty of time to travel, head south to the Amalfi Coast.

Carol & Robert are the photographer and writer duo behind the 2 On The Wing Travel magazine and have spent some time on the Italian coast. Check their write ups here.

I’ll keep updating this page. If you have some tips you’d like to share drop me an email.